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Connecting to the DejaToons Network

  1. Download an IRC client from and run the install
  2. Open the folder you installed your mirc scipt to and double-click mirc.exe
  3. Go to File > Options and on your connect menu, select a nickname and fill in all your user info
  4. In your status window, type /server irc.dejatoons.net
  5. After you've connected to the network, register your nickname with Network Services. This is fast, easy and free. Make sure you are using the nickname you want to register (to change your nickname type /nick newnick).

    * Use this command to register your nick: /nickserv register <password> <email address> (Substitute <password> and <email address> with your info)

    * Now after each time you log onto the network, you can identify to your protected nick by typing: /nickserv identify <password>
  6. After successfully registering your nick, type /list to get a listing of all the channels operating on the network. Double-click on a channel to join it, or simply type /join #channelname. If you are in need of any more assistance, type /join #Help

Downloading from Fileservers

  1. After joining a channel, you will then be able to type !list in the channel window. This will give you a reply of ads for all the active fileservers.
  2. Read the descriptions to decide which fileserver you'd like to access first. In the Fserv Ad, find the "trigger" and type it in the channel exactly as it appears in the ad.

    Example: <+Frogger> [Fserve Active] - Triggers:[/ctcp Frogger !My Files] -
    Users:[0/5] - Sends:[1/1] - Queues:[3/50] - Record CPS:[30.5kB/s by
    corbin1000] - Bytes Sent:[17.24GB] - Files Sent:[219] - Accesses:[511]
    - Message:[Just a few files, enjoy the goodness] - SysReset 2.53

    You would type: /ctcp Frogger !My Files
  3. This will open up a DCC window and allow you to access the files that the server is sharing. Use the following commands within this Fserv:

    dir = to get a listing of all the files in a particular folder
    cd <folder name> = to open a folder on the Fserv
    cd.. = to exit a folder and return to the previous folder
    get <filename.ext> = to request a download of a particular file, be sure to include the file extension (If there is a free send slot on the Fserv, the requested file will send immediately, and will be downloaded to your sysreset/downloads folder.
    queues = to see what number you are in the queue line (If the Fserv has no open send slots, your download request will be placed in a waiting line).
  4. Be sure you have enabled "auto-get file" in your DCC Options in order for you to auto-accept an incoming file that was in queue. Also set the option "If file exists" to "Resume" so that you will be able to resume incomplete downloads.

Useful Features

Here are some very useful features offered by SysReset v2.53 that you can enable on your script. Go to the Sysreset > Addon Manager in your toolbar and load the following Addons:

* File Server Browser: allows easy browsing of fileservers by allowing point and click access to files and folders within an Fserv, rather than having to type out commands

* File Server Tracker: a handy interface to keep track of Fserv ads and triggers

* SysReset Skins Browser: gives the options of white, black or grey background colors (black is best for viewing bright colors)

* SysReset Web Update: allows you to quickly update SysReset while connected to IRC

* Purdy Channel Colors: allows you to change colors of nicknames in the channel nick list

* @Find Addon: allows users to search your Fileserver by using specific keywords

* If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask any of the #help operators (the ones with an @ symbol in front of their nick)

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