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DejaToons is a network started by a few people on 6/20/03 who were sick of the politics and just wanted a friendly safe place for people to come and meet away from porn spam bots, warez people and ddos attacks. Our IRCops are almost always around and available for help.

Currently we have 6 linked servers all accessible via irc.dejatoons.net.


Today we have:

  • 4 servers
  • 16 ircops
  • Record users 2417
  • 343 channels

Linking to Dejatoons.net
Those who might be interested in linking with our network should join the #help channel and contact an admin. Please note the network only wants serious inquiries from people who are already familiar with the channels, opers, userbase and content on it.
DejaToons wishes to remain independent and does not wish to merge with other networks.

Aquamann, BAXT3R, bowbiter, brainiac, Draelen, Jenny, KNotTed, MegalaR, MeR-DeR, neverm0re, Notrouble, Ookla, OrGoN3, salkaman, TheDoctor, and Zorix.
And no, we're not looking for more ircops at the moment.

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